About Margie Hiermer – Author and Public Speaker

Margie Hiermer - Columbus Author and Public SpeakerMargie Hiermer’s love of adventure and bicycling came from the many rides down to Goldhardt’s Grocery as a child to connect with Leona “Loany” Rice, a woman more grandmother than grand-aunt.

Margie thrives engaging with others and brings that passion to her writing and the teams she leads to deliver exceptional client value and satisfaction. Margie’s career as a senior leader and program manager spans over 30 years working with and in a variety of organizations – from Fortune 500 and small entrepreneurial business – to government agencies.

She is a seasoned public speaker who has presented at numerous conferences, universities, and community events across diverse socioeconomic and cultural audiences. She holds an MBA from the University of Dayton, as well as a BSJ from Ohio University. Outside of work, Margie winds down by cycling, hiking or poking around farm fields in search of buried treasure.